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Welcome  to Unique Social Equality

introIntroduction  >>
Unique Social Equality, Ranaghat (USE), is a registered N.G.O. diligently engaged in diverse fields of voluntary social action. From a non-descript organization established in the year 1997, over the years, USE has gradually grown from strength to strength with the diversification of its activities and expansion of its working areas. USE has been actively involved in several community based awareness-building, interventional and developmental Projects & Programmes broadly related to Disaster Management ; Health Care ;Child labour rehabilitation ; Socio-economic upliftment and advocacy of Women Empowerment through the formation & nurturing of Self Help Groups (SHGs) amongst the rural poor and Microfinance on-lending support to such SHGs. Apart from this, through the tireless and concerted efforts of its dedicated members, volunteers and staff, USE has today emerged as the most advanced & leading Authorized Business Correspondent (BC) under State Bank of India Bengal Circle. As BC, USE has been diligently engaged in the extension of Banking Services through alternate channel in widespread rural areas in West Bengal aimed towards the achievement of 100% Financial Inclusion (FI). USE takes pride in the fact that it has won the hearts of countless community people at large and earned the unequivocal trust, co-operation and recognition of the concerned District Administration, People�s Representative Institutions (PRIs) and other fraternal organisations as a truly committed, responsible and disciplined NGO. Indeed, the cornerstone of the remarkable growth and successful achievements of USE till date has been its time-tested practice of maintaining regular living contacts with the local & District level Administration, PRIs and Community people and the building up of a strong working relationship with them through continuous interaction and integration. USE is fully committed towards the furtherance of its noble objectives based on its organizational Vision, Mission statement and Goal as defined here under.  Read More.........

introVision, Mission & Goal  >>
USE visualizes a society where the community is abequately capable of and consciously fully committed to take charge of its own development through facilitative support from the civil society Organisations. �Creating space for the community to develop itself through sustained social mobilization interventions towards all round development on an equal platform thereby ensuring economic, social and intellectual as well as women empowerment, advocacy of gender equality and improvement in the physical quality of life.� To create genuine and unique conditions for ensuring social equality and sustained socio economic development through implementation of various effective community based strategic programmes.  Read More.........